New paper on the top 100 research questions for Southeast Asian biodiversity conservation published in Biological Conservation

In November 2017, Joanna Coleman and Roman Carrasco held a workshop at National University of Singapore, where biodiversity researchers from around Southeast Asia met to discuss top research questions for the future. The outcome of the workshop has now been published in Biological Conservation, in the form of 100 questions that can guide research in the coming years. The questions cover a range of topics, from the drivers of biodiversity loss to the impacts on humans.

Coleman, J., J. S. Ascher, D. Bickford, D. Buchori, A. Cabanban, R. A. Chisholm, K. Y. Chong, P. Christie, G. R. Clements, T. E. E. dela Cruz, W. Dressler, D. P. Edwards, C. M. Francis, D. A. Friess, X. Giam, L. Gibson, D. Huang, A. C. Hughes, Z. Jaafar, A. Jain, L. P. Koh, E. P. Kudavidanage, B. Lee, J. Lee, T. M. Lee, M. Leggett, B. Leimona, M. Linkie, M. Luskin, A. Lynam, E. Meijaard, V. Nijman, A. Olsson, S. Page, P. Parolin, K. S.-H. Peh, M. R. Posa, G. W. Prescott, S. A. Rahman, S. J. Ramchunder, M. Rao, J. Reed, D. R. Richards, E. Slade, R. Steinmetz, P. Y. Tan, D. Taylor, P. A. Todd, S. T. Vo, E. L. Webb, A. Yee, A. D. Ziegler, and L. R. Carrasco. 2019. One hundred top research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia. Biological Conservation (in press).