Selected recent peer-reviewed publications
(current and former lab members’ names in bold)

Hülsmann, L., R. A. Chisholm, and F. Hartig. 2021. Is variation in conspecific negative density dependence driving tree diversity patterns at large scales? Trends in Ecology and Evolution (in press)

Chisholm, R. A. and T. Fung. 2020. Janzen–Connell effects are a weak impediment to competitive exclusion. The American Naturalist 196:649–661

Kristensen, N. P., W. W. Seah, K. Y. Chong, Y. S. Yeoh, T. Fung, L. M. Berman, H. Z. Tan, and R. A. Chisholm. 2020. Extinction rate of discovered and undiscovered plants in Singapore. Conservation Biology 34:1229–1240

Lum, D. W. H., P. A. Tedesco, B. Hugueny, X. Giam, and R. A. Chisholm. 2020. Quantifying the relative performance of two undetected-extinction models. Conservation Biology 35:239–248

Pande, J., T. Fung, R. A. Chisholm, and N. Shnerb. 2020. Mean growth rate when rare is not a reliable metric for persistence of species. Ecology Letters 23:274–282

Theng, M., W. F. A. Jusoh, A. Jain, B. Huertas, D. J. X. Tan, H. Z. Tan, N. P. Kristensen, R. Meier, and R. A. Chisholm. 2020. A comprehensive assessment of diversity loss in a well-documented tropical insect fauna: Almost half of Singapore’s butterfly species extirpated in 160 years. Biological Conservation 242:108401

Fung, T., R. A. Chisholm, K. Anderson-Teixeira, N. Bourg, W. Y. Brockelman, S. Bunyavejchewin, C.-H. Chang-Yang, R. Chitra-Tarak, G. Chuyong, R. Condit, H. S. Dattaraja, S. J. Davies, C. E. N. Ewango, G. Fewless, C. Fletcher, C. V. S. Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N. Gunatilleke, Z. Hao, J. A. Hogan, R. Howe, C.-F. Hsieh, D. Kenfack, Y. Lin, K. Ma, J.-R. Makana, S. McMahon, W. J. McShea, X. Mi, A, Nathalang, P. S. Ong, G. Parker, E.-P. Rau, J. Shue, S.-H. Su, R. Sukumar, I.-F. Sun, H. S. Suresh, S. Tan, D. Thomas, J. Thompson, R. Valencia, M. I. Vallejo, X. Wang, Y. Wang, P. Wijekoon, A. Wolf, S. Yap, and J. Zimmermann. 2020. Temporal population variability in local forest communities increases with latitude but has mixed effects on tree species richness. Ecology Letters 23:160–171

Thompson, S. E. D., R. A. Chisholm, and J. Rosindell. 2019. Characterizing extinction debt following habitat fragmentation using neutral theory. Ecology Letters 22:2087–2096

Chisholm, R. A., F. Lim, Y. S. Yeoh, W. W. Seah, R. Condit, and J. Rosindell. 2018. Species–area relationships and biodiversity loss in fragmented landscapes. Ecology Letters 21:804–813

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