Join the lab!

lab_photoWe are currently accepting applications for PhD scholarships in theoretical ecology, with a focus on mathematical and computational modelling of tropical forest dynamics. Students best suited to our lab will be those whose undergraduate degrees were grounded in quantitative methods: this can include students who majored in biology but took several quantitative courses, as well as students who majored in mathematics, statistics, computer science or engineering. Regardless of background, any successful applicant will be passionate about biology and mathematics and will have an ability to develop independent research questions and think creatively.

The Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore has over 200 graduate students from over 20 countries. Facilities and research support are world class and the university, department and PhD program are internationally highly regarded. Singapore is a city-state with a vibrant, international, English-speaking culture, amazing food and easy access to travel opportunities in Asia.

Information about the NUS PhD programme in Biological Sciences is here.

For current NUS undergraduate students, we also have a number of exciting Honours and UROPS projects.

Interested students at any level should contact Assist. Prof. Ryan Chisholm by email: