New students join the lab

Several new students have recently joined the lab. Nicolás Firbas is starting his PhD, and is broadly interested in topics relating to mathematical modelling of ecological systems. Guan Tong has rejoined the lab following her successful third-year undergraduate (UROPS) project on modelling the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore; she is now in her Honours year, and will continue this line of research.

In addition, we welcome three students coming to us from the lab of Ted Webb, who is moving to the University of Helsinki. Sean Pang is in the final year of his PhD, and is modelling species distributions of an ensemble of tree species in the tropics. Annabel Lim is starting her Honours project in which she is doing systematic conservation planning for Philippine dipterocarp tree species under future climate change scenarios. Ng Chek Guan is also starting his Honours project, on using species distribution models to map the potential for dragon fruit farming in Nepal.

For more information, see our people page.

Welcome, all students!