Tak visits Kasetsart University in Thailand

From 14–20 August, Tak visited collaborator Dr Wirong Chanthorn, who works at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. During the visit, they discussed issues related to work that they have been doing recently on nitrogen-fixing trees. These trees can be an important source of nitrogen for forest communities. Tak and Wirong examined patterns of abundance of nitrogen-fixing trees across different forest plots in Thailand. In addition, Tak gave a 2 hr seminar on the work he has done in theoretical ecology, including work demonstrating the importance of temporal environmental variability in affecting forest dynamics and biodiversity. After the seminar, Tak gave a 1 hr workshop based on some of the dynamic models he has used.

Tak and Wirong also visited a lowland mixed deciduous forest in Namtok Sam Lan National Park, as well as the Mo Singto forest plot in Khao Yai National Park; both are located outside of Bangkok. The Mo Singto plot is part of the international forest plot network administered by the Center for Tropical Forest Science-Forest Global Earth Observatory (CTFS-ForestGEO) network, and is located in a broad-leaved, seasonal evergreen forest. Wirong and three staff members showed Tak some of the main flora and fauna in the forests. The two principal investigators of the Mo Singto plot are Anuttara Nathalang and Warren Brockelman, and Tak met both of them in Bangkok.