Deepthi attends migratory bird workshop at the Smithsonian in Virginia

Deepthi attended a two-week workshop on the ecology and conservation of migratory birds at the Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation (SMSC) in Front Royal, Virginia. The course included foundational and special topic lectures by faculty from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and SMSC, data analyses in R, daily field sessions, paper readings, discussions and laboratory work. Lectures focused broadly on animal migration, breeding and non-breeding biology, moult and seasonal interactions. Special topic lectures included stable isotopes and migration tracking technology. The workshop also emphasised R sessions where participants learnt to analyse data from various avian sampling techniques such as distance sampling, mark capture-recapture, behaviour and tracking, radar ornithology and spatial analyses.

There were 18 participants from 12 countries. Deepthi was supported by a full scholarship from the ConocoPhillips Water and the Biodiversity Stewardship Certificate Programme.

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