Four undergraduates join the lab for summer internships

Left to right: Laura Villain, Yang Jia Qi, Aden Ip Yin Cheong, Soh Yong Sheng

Summer internships in our lab give undergraduate students the opportunity to learn skills and techniques used in theoretical ecology and to collaborate on exciting research projects. This summer we have four interns:

  • Jia Qi is majoring in biological sciences at NUS. For her internship, she is working with Aden to investigate the relationship of invasive species richness to native species richness and economic development for countries around the world.
  • Aden is also majoring in biological sciences at NUS. He is working with Jia Qi on the invasive species project.
  • Laura is an exchange student from INSA Lyon in France, where she is studying bioinformatics and mathematics. For her internship, she is developing mathematical models to estimate species dominance in ecological communities.
  • Yong Sheng is majoring in physics and minoring in computer science at NUS. For his internship, he is analysing mathematical models of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function in forests.